"Your way in for a way out"

Life is full of wonders and great moments, yet sometimes distress situations out of our control, leave us without many choices.  It is during such difficult circumstances that we could loose our most precious asset, our home.  ​​​
At Fastrack Properties we will do everything we can to help you find a way out of your situation.  We buy your house cash and close quickly to help you avoid forclosure.




We buy distressed properties with fast cash and quick closing.  Regardless of the  circumstances you might be facing, if we can help you solve part of your problems by buying your house, we will.
We carefully evaluate the property to determine the scope of the renovation project, and accordingly will gather the
best team to complete the work within a relatively short period of time.
Once the property is completely renovated we will hire a professional Real Estate agent to help us sell the property quickly and at a reasonable market price.